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Texas Truckworks a lifestyle Gladiator! A well rounded vehicle!


Texas Truckworks a lifestyle Gladiator! A well rounded vehicle!

Texas Truckworks a lifestyle Gladiator! A well-rounded vehicle!

For many years the long-awaited Jeep truck is now available and it has a powerful name THE GLADIATOR!

Many years have passed without a Jeep pickup truck, but after many years of rumors, The engineers at Jeep finally released the vehicle that many thought was only a dream. The all-new Jeep Gladiator 4×4 is out, adding another very capable model to the midsize pickup truck market.

Jeep’s last pickup was built in 1992. The Jeep Comanche was produced for 7 years, but the market never reached the expectations of the Jeep brand. Less than 200 thousand Comanches were produced for the U.S. market, which was not acceptable with the sales goals. With the low sales in the United States of the Jeep Comanche, the model was discontinued.

The JEEP truck market has changed a lot since the Comanche days.  The Jeep enthusiasts for many years asked for a Wrangler-based Jeep 4×4 truck. The engineers at Jeep answered the request and delivered the  Gladiator .


Here are some interesting facts about the new Jeep Gladiator:

Creating a Powerful name.

Behind the scenes, the drama was to brand the new Jeep 4×4 pickup with a dynamic name. The Jeep 4×4 pickup truck centers around its name.  The Comanche name was considered, but out of sensitivity to the tribe, it was decided against.  Scrambler a very popular Jeep brand that was also considered, but it eventually was also dropped. The Scrambler was a CJ-based 4×4 truck platform. The Jeep brand wanted a name that would be strong and represent the image that many Jeep enthusiasts had been asking for. Thus the Gladiator was born with high expectations!

Design Options.

The JT Gladiator and the JL Wrangler share the same platform and many components. The Jl and JT platforms are virtually identical from the front bumper to the rear roof pillar. The JT Gladiator bed is really what sets the beast apart from its JL brother. Like the JL Wrangler, the JT Gladiator offers removable roof and doors for the ultimate adventure!

Jeep The brand that stands alone.

The all-new Jeep 4×4 Gladiator represents the best of all things Jeep. It blends historic styling with modern touches to produce a 4x4truck with a larger than life name that won’t be mistaken for anything else. The 2020 Jeep 4×4 Gladiator is not for everyone! But if you’re looking for a 4×4 solid axle mid-size truck that has more aftermarket products than you can dream of the look is over.

Texas Truckworks.

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