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Where it all started! The OFFROAD LIFESTYLE!


Where it all started! The OFFROAD LIFESTYLE!

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The passion for 4×4 trucks started back in the seventies.  Long before the Eliminator Monster Truck was built, the OFFROAD bug was bred into me.  My dad and uncle had built a early OFFROAD vehicle, it was based on a 1968 VW bug.  They installed a Corvair engine, and somehow got tires from an airplane for the rear of there contraption.  There might have well been an airplane missing the tires and wheels.  That buggy would do awesome wheelies and go almost anywhere in the national forest that my dad and uncle wanted to go.  Back in the day a VW Beatle was a great vehicle to build an awesome OFFROAD machine with attitude!  My interest in OFFROADING grew and it was awesome in high school as 4×4 trucks were really getting more popular. The aftermarket industry was nonexistent at that time.  I was very lucky to meet a man named WF Moneyham and a friend Donny Webster.  OFFROADING  was something we did all the time. Many times when were supposed to be doing something else.  Like a quick OFFROAD ADVENTURE before school that might turn into getting stuck and missing something that many thought important!  From OFFROAD dune buggies to spring over CJ’s we built and tore up lots of parts.  Life was about big tires, wheels, Warn winches, build during the week have fun on the weekend, break axles, ujoints, trannies and start all over again!

To be continued:

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