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The Moab 2016 Adventure with Captain Marshal!


The Moab 2016 Adventure with Captain Marshal!

At Texas Truckworks we just want to thank Marshal for sharing his Moab adventure for the second year with us and our followers on Facebook and the Texas Truckworks website!

It’s a dream of mine and many other Jeep enthusiast to tackle the biggest happening with a Jeep at Moab! The Easter Jeep safari!    So far for me and many it has just been a dream!

Thanks to Marshal for not only dreaming of this once in a lifetime adventure, but doing it twice!  I have the feeling that twice will someday be ten  and then some day twenty!

In 2015 Marshall and his son Leo spent Spring Break in Moab at the Easter Jeep Safari!  Can you just imagine your only agenda for four days is to enjoy some of the greatest offroad trails in the country with your son! Great stuff! and Lifetime memories!

In 2016 Spring Break just didn’t work out with Leo making the expedition from The Woodlands Texas to Moab with Marshal.  I’m confident that in the years to come Leo will have many more Moab adventures to experience with Marshal!

With out a doubt Marshal’s Jk with American Expedition Vehicles 3.5 Suspension, Warn winch , Warn bumpers, Rock Slide Engineering Rock slider Steps, Oracle lighting, Nitto Trail Grappler Tires mounted on ATX wheels is one awesome Real World Vehicle, and the Team at Texas Truckworks is very proud to be part of the JK build that has been to Moab twice and performed flawlessly on the trails.

Were also so proud that the vehicle is driven every day from taking the kids to school and the activities that  kids do each day to getting Marshal to work!

And since were talking about Marshal’s work, the next time you see an awesome looking Hydro Blue Jk Unlimited on the trails in Moab or dropping the kids off at an activity! in The Woodland Texas.   Know he KNOWS Horse Power!, Handling, the obstacles at Moab are exciting but can you imagine his work vehicle goes Mach .80!!!!!!!, that’s like 500 MPH!, cruises at some 37,000 feet ,  each engine has some 8000 thousand pounds of thrust!  That’s some serious power!

So if your getting on a United Express Flight and the captain has a Moab pin next to his captains stripes on his uniform it is probably Marshal Bucher!

And if your at Moab on the adventure that you have dreamed of for a lifetime and see a Jet going 500 plus miles per hour and it seems to be following the path up Hell’s Revenge! It Might Be Marshal!

Thanks! Marshal for sharing you adventure with us!

Texas Truckworks!