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TTW's AEV Test Jeep


TTW’s AEV Test Jeep

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TTW’s AEV Test Jeep


We have a 2008 Jeep JK Wrangler. We use our jeeps for everyday driving and running errands around town so we didn’t want to do anything to extreme. First thing we had in mind is to start with the 3.5” AEV Suspension Lift, For a customer wanting the premium suspension and great ride the AEV is the way to go. AEV suspension goes the extra mile in having Progressive Rate Coils, High Steer Kit, Bilstein 5100 Shocks and Procal standard with their kits.

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With along doing the suspension lift, We went with the 17” AEV Pintler Wheels on 35” BFG KM2 Tires. This combo is great for running around on the deer lease, running down the highway or around town. The best thing about doing just the simple things as lift, wheels, and tires. Is the quality, handling, and of course the looks are way better. With Adding the extra width and stiffer spring the jeep handles better in breaking, driving, and overall comfort.

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The third step for the TTW Jeep was to do new gears. To get the jeeps power back factory like we went with 4:88 Eaton E Locker Gears. With the AEV procal we were able to redo the jeeps calibration and program the computer for the new gears no problem. From Mena, Arkansas to Big Bend National Park AEV & TTW go hand in hand when planning your next real world adventure.

– DRF TTW 10/17/2014


We start the next process of adding to the Texas Truck Works Jeep by adding AEVs Premium Front Bumper as well as their Rear Bumper. With going with the front bumper we just had to put the best of the best on there for a winch. We then installed the WARN Zeon 10kS Winch which is just an outstanding winch that holds up its value and looks.We chose not to go with a rear tire carrier for a stance look as well as it being something different. We then plated the rear corner panels with protection from Warrior Products.